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LINUX / Level 3

“LINUX Network Server”

(Level 3)


This course is designed for those individuals, who already have experience with Linux and want to run a Linux Network Server with network services provided. The program includes in-depth discussion of many important network services implementation in Linux. The course is designed to provide the essential Linux command line skills and knowledge of useful Linux power tools.


Training key topics include

  • DNS service (BIND configuration, zones, and delegation, primary and slave servers).
  • E-mail service (Send mail/Dovecot configuration, Spam filtering methods).
  • Web service (Apache configuration. Web server security tips).
  • Proxy service (Squid configuration).
  • Linux Network Security basics (IPtables configuration. Packet filtering, NAT).

Upon completion of the course the students will acquire basic knowledge needed to install, configure and run Linux network services, particularly:

  • Understand the DNS service concepts. Configure components of DNS system in Linux. Manage BIND package.
  • Understand the E-mail concepts and protocols used for E-mail delivery (SMTP, POP, IMAP).
  • Configure and run E-mail service in Linux. Manage Spam filtering issues.
  • Understand principles of Web service. Configure and run Apache HTTP server.
  • Understand principles of Proxy service. Configure and run Squid proxy server.
  • Understand main principles of Linux Security. Configure and run basic Firewall in Linux (iptables).
  • Manage Network Address Translation (NAT).

Training start day: 2024

Training duration: 30 hours / 15 days

Training fee: AMD 98 000 (for the entire level)


Participants are expected to have high-intermediate proficiency level experience in working with some Linux operating system distribution (such CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, etc) as well as to have full knowledge of TCP/IP networking concepts. Knowledge gained within “Level 1 - Linux Essentials” and “Level 2 - Linux Administration and Networking Basics”  training courses would be an advantage.

LINUX / Level 3



    As the number of participants is limited. THE SELECTION WILL BE MADE ON THE “FIRST COME – FIRST SERVED” BASIS.
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