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LINUX / Level 2

“LINUX Administration and Networking Basics”

(Level 2)


The course is designed for those individuals who already have some real-world experience with Linux and want to deepen Linux System and Network Administration knowledge and experience.  The program includes discussion of the most important aspects of Linux. The course is designed to provide the essential Linux command line skills and knowledge of useful Linux power tools.  Upon completion of this course, individuals will acquire basic Linux system and network management knowledge.



Training key topics include:

  • System Administration Basics
  • Management of Boot Process, Hard Drives, File System, Users and Groups, System Logs
  • Advanced BASH Shell Scripting
  • Linux Network Basics. TCP/IP implementation in Linux. Linux Routing.
  • Application Level Network Security Issues
  • Remote Access – SSH, SCP, SFTP

Upon completion of the course the students:

  • Will gain basic knowledge in Linux system and network administration
  • In addition to theoretical knowledge will gain practical skills that will help them master the basics of Linux server operating system.
  • Will acquire popular CentOS (Community ENTerprise Operating System) Linux system and network administration experience.

Training start day: 2024

Training duration: 30 hours / 15 days

Training fee: AMD 95 000 (for the entire level)


Participants are expected to have at least basic level experience in working with some Linux operating system distribution (such as CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.). Knowledge gained within “Level 1 - Linux Essentials” training course would be an advantage. 

LINUX / Level 2



    As the number of participants is limited. THE SELECTION WILL BE MADE ON THE “FIRST COME – FIRST SERVED” BASIS.
    In case of any question feel free to call us at +374 10/ 93/ 99 55 68 10 or just visit us.

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