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Introduction to TRIZ


During the course, the participants will get acquainted with the basics and approaches of TRIZ, will learn the systematic approach to understand and solve problems of any complexity, will understand how to stimulate creative and innovative thinking, and then will apply the acquired knowledge to solve dozens of different problems.
The course is designed for students, graduate students, technologists, scientists, as well as people interested in innovation and invention.The course is conducted by trainer Margarita Baburyan, MBA, CMC, 20 years of professional experience in the field of business training and consulting.


  • Explore the approaches for solving various creative and inventive problems, 
  • Study the key principles of inventions, 
  • Understand the components of technical systems and principles of their development, 
  • Develop personal creative and inventive qualities, 
  • Apply TRIZ tools in problem solving.


  • TRIZ as a problem-solving methodology
  • 40 principles of inventions
  • The ideal end results
  • ARIZ - Algorithm for solving the inventive problems
  • Administrative, technical, and physical contradictions,
  • Standard solutions and creativity, approaches and tools,
  • Contradiction matrix and its application,
  • The structure, functions and development principles of technical systems. 

Prerequisites:  There are no special prerequisites. 


TRAINING DETAILS Training duration: 15 hours / 6 daysTraining's days: Monday, Wednesday at 18:30-21:00

Introduction to TRIZ



    As the number of participants is limited. THE SELECTION WILL BE MADE ON THE “FIRST COME – FIRST SERVED” BASIS.
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