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Graphic design for Teens


The course is designed for those who want to acquire in-depth knowledge in Graphic design, one of the most popular and in demand skills in today's job market. 

The training consists of two main parts: theoretical and practical. In the practical part, the students will be able to use their theoretical knowledge and gain the knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop programs to implement branding, work with printing materials, packaging and other projects. In the theoretical part, students will get to know the important materials for the profession, such as: color theory, typography, layout, photography, branding process, etc.




Practical topics:

  • Advanced study of Adobe Photoshop

- Learning the tools available in Adobe Photoshop

- Work with layers

- Color processing of pictures

- Practical tasks - Work with Mockups

  • Advanced study of Adobe Illustrator

- Learning the tools available in Adobe Illustrator

- Creation of vector images

- Logo creation


Theoretical topics:

  • Color theory

- How do colors occur?

- The world through colors

- Color matching and settings

- The methodology of color selection

- Color associations

  • Typography

- Typography in design: general description

- Fonts (Serif and Sans-Serif)

- Keyring and Spacing

- Text hierarchy

- Matching fonts

  • Photography

- Basics of photography

- Composition and layout

- Color theory in photography

- Correct selection of pictures

  • Branding

- Branding process, step by step description

- Research and communication with the customer

- Creation of logos, types of logos

- Creation and development of other brand components


21st Century Skills Develop ment

  • Technical English
  • Idea Development
  • Business Environments
  • Marketing & Strategy
  • Presentation Skills
  • TRIZ



Training start day: 2024

Training duration: 2 times per week / 2 hours daily/ 7-8 month

Training days: Monday & Wednesday 16:00-18:00

Training fee:  33 000 AMD (monthly)

Graphic design for Teens



    As the number of participants is limited. THE SELECTION WILL BE MADE ON THE “FIRST COME – FIRST SERVED” BASIS.
    In case of any question feel free to call us at +374 10/ 93/ 99 55 68 10 or just visit us.

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